Valentines Sprint




To work as many stations on 40/80/160 meters as possible using PSK31 mode during a six hour block.

This event is open to all amateur radio operators licensed to operate on the HF bands.


Entry Categories:

QRP (max power 5 watts output)

Low Power (max power 25 watts output)

Medium Power (max power 50 watts output)

High Power (max power 100 watts output)

All Male Operators enter in the OM Category.

All Female Operators enter in the YL Category.

Single Op Clubs are welcome in any category!



Valentines Day, Feb 14th



6 hour block between 0000-2359 UTC

For scoring, your six hour block will begin with the hour that you select on the scorer page and continue for the next 6 hours.

No more having to "wait until your turn."  You may operate whenever you feel your greatest chances of successful QSOs may be! Just choose any 6 hour block between 0000 - 2359 UTC.


Exchange: Call "CQ Valentines Sprint" or "CQ 070 Valentines Sprint" as you prefer.

"OM" or "YL" and your State/Province/Country (SPC). Signal Reports and 070 numbers are not required.

Examples: "W4KRN YL VA" and "K5SP OM TX"



40, 80 and 160 meters only. 7.070 / 7.040, 3.580, 1.807 / 1.838 (Europe) MHz.

Work each station only once per band (no penalty for dupes).

All contacts must be 2-way, PSK31.

Cross-mode or cross-band contacts not allowed.



Use no more than the stated maximum for your entry category. Please keep your power output set to a reasonable level to avoid QRMing others. Use the MINIMUM power necessary to make the contact at all times!



QSO Points

Each contact with an OM counts one (1) QSO point.

Each contact with a YL counts two (2) QSO points.

Dupes count (0) QSO points.


Each different state/province/country (SPC) worked. Use current ARRL DXCC list for country reference. If you work your own SPC, do not forget to take credit for the multiplier. Note also:

First U.S. station worked counts as two (2) multipliers (country and state).

First VE station worked counts as two (2) multipliers (country and province).

First Alaska station worked counts as two (2) multipliers (country and state).

First Hawaii station worked counts as two (2) multipliers (country and state).

Final score = (Total QSO Points) x (Total Different SPC's).



Place certificates will be sent for each category. Highest Ø7Ø Club member score gets Top Dawg and a Rollo Dog Tag! (Members can receive only one tag per year).

All Ø7Ø Club member entries will receive a sticker for their participation.



Logfile format: ADIF (why adif?). Please submit logs via the Valentines Sprint Uploader. (will be activated when contest starts).

All entries must be received by One (1) week after the Valentines Sprint.

Entries with excessive dupes will be listed as check logs. All entries are subject to verification.


The 070 Club reserves the right to disqualify entries deemed not in accordance with the above rules or are contrary to the spirit of this event.


If you have questions, please contact our contest support staff: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.