2024 Ø7Ø Club PSK31 Contest Calendar



Begins 0000 UTC 06-Jan-2024

 Ends 2359 UTC 06-Jan-2024 - 24hrs

Valentine Sprint

Begins 0000 UTC 14-Feb-2024

Ends 2359 UTC 14-Feb-2024

- 6hr blk

St. Patrick's Day Contest

Begins 0000 UTC 16-Mar-2024

Ends 2359 UTC 16-Mar-2024

31 Flavors

Begins 1000 UTC 6-Apr-2024

Ends 0359 UTC 7-Apr-2024 - 6hr block

TDW - Three Day Weekend

Begins 0000 UTC 31-May-2024

Ends 2359 UTC 2-Jun-2024 - 72hrs


40M Firecracker Sprint

Begins 2000 UTC 6-Jul-2024

Ends 1959 UTC 7-Jul-2024
6hr block

Jay Hudak Memorial 80M Sprint

Begins 2000 UTC 7-Sep-2024

Ends 1959 UTC 8-Sep-2024

6hr block

160M Great Pumpkin Sprint

Begins 2000 UTC 12-Oct-2024

Ends 1959 UTC 13-Oct-2024

6hr block

Triple Play Low Band Sprint

Begins 0000 UTC 9-Nov-2024

Ends 2359 UTC 11-Nov-2024

Three UTC Days!

One 6hr block each UTC Day

Triple Play Low Band Sprint


Begins 0000 UTC 14-Dec-2024

Ends 2359 UTC 16-Dec-2024

Three UTC Days!

One 6 hour block each UTC Day


For Planning purposes the projected dates for the next several years are in the table below:


    2024 2025 2026 2027 2028 2029 2030 2031 2032 2033 2034 2035
PSKfest 1st Sat after 1 Jan 6-Jan-24 4-Jan-25 3-Jan-26 2-Jan-27 8-Jan-28 6-Jan-29 5-Jan-30 4-Jan-31 3-Jan-32 8-Jan-33 7-Jan-34 6-Jan-35
Val Sprint Valentine's Day 14-Feb-24 14-Feb-25 14-Feb-26 14-Feb-27 14-Feb-28 14-Feb-29 14-Feb-30 14-Feb-31 14-Feb-32 14-Feb-33 14-Feb-34 14-Feb-35
St Pats 3rd Sat of March 16-Mar-24 15-Mar-25 21-Mar-26 20-Mar-27 18-Mar-28 17-Mar-29 16-Mar-30 15-Mar-31 20-Mar-32 19-Mar-33 18-Mar-34 17-Mar-35
Flavors 1st Sat in April 6-Apr-24 5-Apr-25 4-Apr-26 3-Apr-27 1-Apr-28 7-Apr-29 6-Apr-30 5-Apr-31 3-Apr-32 2-Apr-33 1-Apr-34 7-Apr-35
TDW 1st weekend ending in June 31-May-24 30-May-25 5-Jun-26 4-Jun-27 2-Jun-28 1-Jun-29 31-May-30 30-May-31 4-Jun-32 3-Jun-33 2-Jun-34 1-Jun-35
40m  1st Sat after 1 July 6-Jul-24 5-Jul-25 4-Jul-26 3-Jul-27 8-Jul-28 7-Jul-29 6-Jul-30 5-Jul-31 3-Jul-32 2-Jul-33 8-Jul-34 7-Jul-35
80m 1st Sat in Sept 7-Sep-24 6-Sep-25 5-Sep-26 4-Sep-27 2-Sep-28 1-Sep-29 7-Sep-30 6-Sep-31 4-Sep-32 3-Sep-33 2-Sep-34 1-Sep-35
160m 2nd Sat in Oct 12-Oct-24 11-Oct-25 10-Oct-26 9-Oct-27 14-Oct-28 13-Oct-29 12-Oct-30 11-Oct-31 9-Oct-32 8-Oct-33 14-Oct-34 13-Oct-35
TP 2nd Sat in Nov 9-Nov-24 8-Nov-25 14-Nov-26 13-Nov-27 11-Nov-28 10-Nov-29 9-Nov-30 8-Nov-31 13-Nov-32 12-Nov-33 11-Nov-34 10-Nov-35
DH 2nd Sat in Dec 14-Dec-24 13-Dec-25 12-Dec-26 11-Dec-27 9-Dec-28 8-Dec-29 14-Dec-30 13-Dec-31 11-Dec-32 10-Dec-33 9-Dec-34 8-Dec-35