How to join the PODXS Ø7Ø Club

The PODXS Ø7Ø Club is FREE & open to all Licensed Amateur Radio Operators that enjoy the PSK31 digital mode.  SWLers, please consider joining us once you have attained your amateur license!


Membership Requirements:

1. Work 50 different callsigns using PSK31 (BSPK31 or QPSK31) on any band authorized for your license (6M->160M, including WARC & 60M). Submit a log extract of these QSOs in the standard ADIF log format, which nearly every logging program produces.

2. Confirmation of just 1 PSK31 QSO. We will try to do this automatically by matching your log extract against our database of member QSOs. Otherwise we will ask for an image of a QSL card (paper or eQSL) or a LOTW confirmation.

3. Commitment to excellent operating practices, a willingness to learn new things, and a desire to have fun with PSK31!


Membership is FREE! 

Membership benefits:

  • Printed paper membership certificate - other certificates will follow
  • Eligible to participate in our popular membership endorsement sticker program
  • Eligible to participate in all club contests & other operating events
  • Eligible to join both of our email reflectors/user groups
  • Association with one of the friendliest, most "professional" HAM clubs in the world


Online Membership Application


Hams outside the United States - click the PayPal button below to donate $5USD to the club (to cover printing and DX postage for a large envelope) in order to receive all five of our certificates delivered to you via mail.  These certificates are printed on high quality cardstock and parchment paper, so you certainly won't be disappointed! 



Questions/Comments? Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.