Sponsored by the Ø7Ø Club and
Dedicated to the memory of Jay Hudak KA3X, Ø7Ø #001



Choose any 6 hour block between:

  2000UTC 1st Saturday in September -

2000UTC 1st Sunday in September

You may operate whenever you feel your greatest chances of successful QSOs may be! 

For scoring, your six hour block will begin with the hour that you select on the scorer page and continue for the next 6 hours.



All licensed radio amateurs. Look for Ø7Ø Club members in the event. Learn more about this esteemed organization on its web page:




The Contest will have four separate entry categories - single-op club station entries are welcome in any category:


QRP: Maximum power not exceeding 5 watts
Low: Maximum power not exceeding 25 watts
Medium: Maximum power not exceeding 50 watts
High: Maximum power not exceeding 100 watts



80 Meters only - 3.580Mhz Dial Freq


Exchange: Callsign, signal report and state/province/country (SPC). Call "CQ 80m Sprint".

  • Work each station only once.
  • All contacts must be 2-way, PSK31 only
  • Cross-mode or cross-band contacts not allowed.



Each different state/province/country (SPC) worked, counted only once. Use current ARRL DXCC list for country reference. If you work your own SPC, do not forget to take credit for the multiplier. Note also:

First U.S. station worked counts as two (2) multipliers (country and state).

First VE station worked counts as two (2) multipliers (country and province).

First Alaska station worked counts as two (2) multipliers (country and state).

First Hawaii station worked counts as two (2) multipliers (country and state).

(Note: Washington, DC counts as MD.)


Total Score: QSO Points X Multipliers



The highest scorer in the contest will receive the TOP DAWG award and a Rollo Dog Tag.

Place certificates will be awarded in each category.

All Ø7Ø members participating and submitting logs will receive an endorsement sticker.

Submissions and Logs:

Please use the online contest scorer at http://hamclubs.info/scorer  -- You upload your ADIF file there and get immediate confirmation along with a detailed scoring report.

All entries must be received within 1 week of the event.

Entries with excessive dupes and/or errors will be listed as check logs. All entries are subject to verification.

The 070 Club reserves the right to disqualify entries deemed not in accordance with the above rules or contrary to the spirit of this event.

Questions? Problems with the Contest Scorer?

Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.