Ø7Ø Club Three Day Weekend (TDW) Contest


Purpose: To make as many PSK-31 contacts as possible.

This contest is now open to all licensed PSK-31 Operators!!!

When: Begins Friday after Memorial Day 

0000 UTC Friday after Memorial Day through

2359 UTC Sunday after Memorial Day

Exchange: Call sign, First name, RST, and S/P/C. 

(Exchange example: K8TOM de AK4MK Matt 599 GA kn).

Call: "CQ Ø7Ø TDW".

Bands: All HF bands, 160 thru 6 Meters, but no WARC bands (or 60m).

Contacts: Work each station once per band. All contacts must be 2-way PSK31. No repeater, cross-mode or cross-band contacts. Each contact counts one (1) QSO Point. Dupes count zero (0) points. 

Bonus Stations: Each contact with a bonus station counts as one hundred (100) bonus points. Bonus stations for this year are as follows:

  • VA3TPS - Steve, Ontario, Canada 2018 TOP DAWG
  • VE3LTN - Mike, Ontario, Canada
  • KC3EF - Dick, Gainesville, FL
  • KK6KMU - Bob, Oceanside, CA
  • KX4WB - William, Drummonds, TN
  • N9JCA - Chris, Evansville, IN
  • W7PSK - Scotty, Everett, WA

Final Score: (Total QSO Points) + (Total Bonus Points) = Final Score

Club Entries:

1. Only one single transmitter/one signal on the air at a time.

2. A station can not be operated simultaneously under multiple callsigns, e.g. a club call and an individual call.

3. A station can alternate operation under multiple callsigns (e.g. a club call and an individual call) as long as callsign switches occur no more frequently than once every two hours. In other words, once a station is used under one callsign, it can not be used under another callsign for TDW contacts until at least two hours have passed.

4. Rule 5 does not apply to individuals' use of family stations, where multiple individual licensees share a station at a commonly-licensed address.

Awards: Top scores from AS, EU, AF, NA, CA, SA, OC, Club, and the top scoring Bonus Station will receive a certificate and a special endorsement for their Ø7Ø Club certificate. All 070 Club members submitting entries will receive an Ø7Ø endorsement sticker for their participation. Bonus stations will receive a special endorsement.

The TOP DAWG station will receive a special certificate and a Rollo Dog Tag. 

Note: in accepting the Top Dawg position, the recipient agrees to participate in the next TDW as a Bonus Station, or else sit out the contest entirely.

Entries: Our standard contest scorer - http://hamclubs.info/scorer/

All entries must be received within 1 week after the contest.

Power: Use no more than 50w on 6m-20m, and no more than 100w on 40-160. Please keep your power output set to a reasonable level to avoid QRMing others.  Use the MINIMUM power necessary to make the contact at all times!

Bonus Stations: You can work each Bonus Station once per band, but please don't ask them to QSY to another band for you. Bonus Stations will try to work as many bands as their equipment and propagation allows to give everyone a chance for extra points, but remember that they are in the contest, too. There is no guarantee that all Bonus Stations will be active on all bands.

Brag Files: Calling "CQ Ø7Ø TDW" means you are in a contest mode, so please don't send those brag files or extraneous information. If you want to ragchew, send a general CQ instead.

Macros: Take advantage of your Macro keys. Set one up with your exchange.  Please consider using "RTTY CONTEST" style macros for smooth exchanges.

Questions? Problems with the contest scorer?Contact cThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.