To work as many stations on 160 meters as possible in a maximum of six (6) hours using PSK31 mode. This event is open to all amateur radio operators licensed to operate on the HF bands.


QRP 5 watts, Low Power 25 watts, Medium Power 50 watts, High power 100 watts (all powers maximum output).


PSK31 only.


Choose any 6 hour block between:

2000UTC 2nd Saturday in October -

2000UTC 2nd Sunday in October

You may operate whenever you feel your greatest chances of successful QSOs may be! 

For scoring, your six hour block will begin with the hour that you select on the scorer page and continue for the next 6 hours.


State/province/country (SPC). Call "CQ 070 160m Sprint".


160 meters only. Work each station only once. All contacts must be 2-way, PSK31. Cross-mode or cross-band contacts not allowed.

SUGGESTED FREQ: 1807 / 1838 (Europe) kHz.


Use no more than the stated maximum for your entry category. Please keep your power output set to a reasonable level to avoid QRMing others. Use the MINIMUM power necessary to make the contact at all times!


QSO points - Each contact counts one (1) QSO point, dupes count (0) points.

Each different state/province/country (SPC) worked, counted only once. Use current ARRL DXCC list for country reference. If you work your own SPC, do not forget to take credit for the multiplier. Note also:
First U.S. station worked counts as two (2) multipliers (country and state).
First VE station worked counts as two (2) multipliers (country and province).
First Alaska station worked counts as two (2) multipliers (country and state).
First Hawaii station worked counts as two (2) multipliers (country and state).

(Note: Washington, DC counts as MD.)

Final score = (Total QSO Points) x (Total Different SPC's).

Top scores for each entry class from each time zone receives a certificate. Highest Ø7Ø Club member score gets a Top Dawg certificate and a Rollo Dog Tag. All Ø7Ø Club member entries will receive an Attaboy for their participation in the event.



Please submit logs via the Upload scorer

All entries must be received within 1 week of the Sprint. Entries with excessive dupes and/or errors will be listed as check logs. All entries are subject to verification.

The 070 Club reserves the right to disqualify entries deemed not in accordance with the above rules or contrary to the spirit of this event.

Questions? Problems with the Contest Scorer?

Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Throughout the year the Ø7Ø Club sponsors many PSK31 contests! Here are their start days: 


  • PSKFest - 1st Sat AFTER Jan 1st
  • Valentine Sprint - Valentine's Day
  • St. Patrick's Day - Third Sat of March
  • 31 Flavors - 1st Sat in April
  • Three Day Weekend - Fri AFTER Memorial Day
  • 40 Meter Firecracker Sprint - 1st Sat AFTER July 1st
  • 80 Meter Sprint (Jay Hudak Memorial Sprint) - 1st Sat in September
  • 160 Meter Great Pumpkin Sprint - 2nd Sat in October
  • Triple Play Low Band Sprint - 2nd Sat in November
  • Triple Play Low Band Sprint DOUBLEHEADER - 2nd Sat in December

Who will be the Top Dog?

Certificates awarded per individual contest rules.

Club Members get an Attaboy sticker for their participation.

GlobeWork The World (WTW)

Frequently Asked Questions


Any other questions/comments/issues, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Q. What's a "Suffix Letter"?

A. The Suffix Letter is the first letter after the last number in a callsign. Examples: N3DQU = “D”, K8IJ = “I”, 2EØJCA = “J”, 4Z4DX = “D”.

Q. I just worked W4KRN on PSK31. Can I use that 1 QSO for the letter K on all 9 of the WTW endorsements?

A. No. You'll have to work W4KRN again 8 more times to use her callsign for the letter K on other endorsements.

Q. I just worked W3HF on PSK31. Can I use that 1 QSO for the letter H everywhere within an endorsement?

A. No. You can only use a callsign 1 time per endorsement.

Q. I'm working on the SAUS endorsement. Do I have to make QSOs with stations actually in Vermont to spell out the state name of Vermont?

A. No. You can use callsign suffix letters from stations located anywhere in the world. They do not have to be located in the place you are attempting to spell.

Q. During the 31 Flavors contest I worked a bunch of stations using all 5 modes. Can I use those QSOs for WTW credit?

A. You can use only the QSOs made using PSK31 mode.

Q. Hey! I just looked at the list of countries for the SANAC and Greenland isn't listed. What gives?

A. Only countries that are Sovereign States are in the WTW lists. Partially recognized and unrecognized sovereign states, as well as dependent territories have not been used.

Q. Once more - If I work N6MG can I use that QSO for an "M" on all 9 endorsements?

A. No. You can use the same callsign on each of the 9 different endorsements, but not the same QSO - separate QSOs are required for each endorsement.

Q. During Field Day I personally made 85 PSK31 QSOs using my local radio club's callsign. Can I use those QSOs for my WTW credit?

A. No. Only QSOs made using your own personal callsign may be used for your own personal WTW credit. Likewise, only QSOs made using the call of a club that is a member of the PODXS Ø7Ø Club may be used for that club's WTW credit. Sorry.

Q. This is a lot of QSOs!! How do i keep track of it?!?!

A. This is done AUTOMATICALLY for you by the endorsement checker -- simply upload your PSK ADIF log, and check out the WTW report!! It will show you a complete progress report.

Q. I'm a new member. WTW started on July 1, 2012. Can I use contacts I made prior to my membership date?
A. Yes, you certainly can, as long as the contacts made before your membership date were made after July 1, 2012 when the WTW Award started. On our website, under Membership Endorsements, Guideline #4 says:
"Unless otherwise noted, membership in the Ø7Ø Club at the time the contacts were made is not required". Although technically WTW is not an endorsement, but a standalone award, we want to encourage participation with a slightly liberal interpretation of the rules.

GlobeWork The World (WTW)

Award Recipients: