RC3 - The Rollo Cup

Contest Championship Series


The formula for the RC3 is as follows: RC3 = "BASE" + "TDB" + "PLACE" + "POWER". 


An explanation of these point categories appears below.


BASE POINTS - We award "base" RC3 pts for each valid submission in each contest.

The TOP DAWG gets 100 base points.  The last place contestant gets 1 point.

The other places are “scaled”; points received = ((99 / entrants)-1).

Examples - Position #30 of 47 receives 36pts. Position 5 of 47 receives 89pts.  Position 28 of 122 receives 77pts. Position 2 of 45 receives 96pts. 


TOP DAWG BONUS POINTS  The overall winner of each contest receives 15 "Top Dawg Bonus" RC3 points. No other entrants in a given contest receive these bonus points.


PLACE POINTS - Place points in RC3 are awarded as follows:

1st place for each entry category gets 15 "place" points 

2nd place for each entry category gets 10 "place" points

3rd place for each entry category gets 5 "place" points


POWER POINTS - Power points are awarded to each entrant based upon their power level in each contest where the entry category is based upon power level.  Power points reward those using lower power. We've standardized the QRP, LOW, MED, and HIGH power levels across all contests. 

  QRP (<=5 watts) entries gets 15 "power" points

  LOW (6-25 watts) entries gets 10 "power" points

  MED (26-50 watts) entries gets 5 "power" points

  HIGH (50-100 watts) entries gets 0 "power" points


RC3 SERIES TIE BREAKER - The RC3 TOP DAWG, 2nd, and 3rd place tie breakers first look at the contestant with the most individual contest Top Dawgs finishes, then the most 2nd place contest finishes, then the most 3rd place contest finishes. If there are two RC3 Top Dawg,2nd place or 3rd place scores that match and they each have the same number of individual contest 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finishes, we will tally the total points of their individual contests, with the tie breaker going to the RC3 contestant with the most individual contest points. This is the only time individual contest points are considered in the RC3 Series.


RC3 SERIES AWARDS - Awards will be as follows: 1st place receives a special certificate, a Rollo Dog Tag, and a silver Revere Cup trophy. 2nd and 3rd places receive a special certificate and a Rollo Dog Tag, and 4th – 10th places receive certificates, as well as boldface type on the RC3 leaderboard for the year.




The TOP DAWG contestant for the PSKFest, with his MED power entry and 150 contestants gets 100 base points + 15 TDB points + 15 place points + 5 power points giving this contestant 135 RC3 points.


If this same contestant placed 3rd in the Triple Play contest with 25 contestants while operating HIGH power, they would receive 88 base points + 0 TDB points + 5 place points + 0 power points, giving them an additional 93 RC3 points for the contest calendar year. They would carry their 135 + 93 = 228 RC3 Series points forward throughout the remainder of the year, adding to their total with each individual contest they participate in.


RC3 Series contestants will continue to accrue RC3 Series points (corresponding with each individual contest in which they compete) in a similar fashion.  A given RC3 contestant can have as many point entries in the RC3 Series as we have contests in the calendar year.


If you have have questions, please contact our contest support staff: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.