2021 Ø7Ø Club PSK31 Contest Calendar



Begins 0000 UTC 02-Jan-21

 Ends 2359 UTC 03-Jan-21 - 24hrs

Valentine Sprint

 Begins 0000 UTC 14-Feb-21 

Ends 2359 UTC 14-Feb-21 - 6hr blk

St. Patrick's Day Contest

Begins 0000 UTC 20-Mar-21 

Ends 2359 UTC 20-Mar-21 - 24hrs

31 Flavors

Begins 1000 UTC 3-Apr-21

Ends 0359 UTC 4-Apr-21 - 6hr block

TDW - Three Day Weekend

Begins 0000 UTC 4-Jun-21

Ends 2359 UTC 6-Jun-21 - 72hrs


40M Firecracker Sprint

Begins 2000 UTC 3-Jul-21

Ends 1959 UTC 4-Jul-21 6hr block

Jay Hudak Memorial 80M Sprint

Begins 2000 UTC 4-Sep-21

Ends 1959 UTC 5-Sep-21 

6hr block

160M Great Pumpkin Sprint

Begins 2000 UTC 9-Oct-21

Ends 1959 UTC 10-Oct-21 

6hr block

Triple Play Low Band Sprint

Begins 0000 UTC 13-Nov-21

Ends 2359 UTC 15-Nov-21 

Three UTC Days!

One 6hr block each UTC Day

Triple Play Low Band Sprint


Begins 0000 UTC 11-Dec-21

Ends 2359 UTC 13-Dec-21

Three UTC Days!

One 6 hour block each UTC Day



Work The World (WTW)

Rules & Instructions

1. The WTW Award Series is free and available only to Members and Club Members of the PODXS Ø7Ø Club.

2. Only PSK31 QSOs made on or after 0000 UTC 1 July 2012 can be used for credit for the WTW Award Series. 

3. All QSOs used for credit for the WTW Award Series must be made using the applicant's callsign (either your own call for an individual application, or the callsign of the member club if the club is the applicant), consistent with the Ø7Ø club callsign policy (posted here on the web site). If you have multiple club memberships for alternate callsigns, contacts using different memberships must be kept separate for WTW credit. In other words, all contacts in a WTW application must be made using callsigns that are listed under a single membership number.

4. While there is no power requirement or limit, you are urged to use only the minimum power required.

5. There are 9 separate, ordered, endorsements for the WTW Award Series. They are:

    • 1. Spell All South American Countries (SASAC)
    • 2. Spell All Australian States (SAAS)
    • 3. Spell All Oceania Countries (SAOCC)
    • 4. Spell All Canadian Provinces (SACP)
    • 5. Spell All North American Countries (SANAC)
    • 6. Spell All European Countries (SAEUC)
    • 7. Spell All Asian Countries (SAASC)
    • 8. Spell All United States (SAUS)
    • 9. Spell All African Countries (SAAFC)

For a complete "picture" of the award, simply upload to the online endorsement checker (see below).

6. When you qualify for your first WTW endorsement you'll receive that endorsement sticker and a WTW certificate to hold all 9 of the WTW endorsement stickers. As you qualify for additional endorsements those stickers can be added to the WTW certificate.

7. All WTW applications submitted are subject to verification by the Award Manager. Decisions of the Award Manager are final.


1. Work stations all over the world, on any amateur HF (160M to 6M) bands, using PSK31 mode only.

2. Use the suffix of each station's callsign to collect letters to spell out the names of countries, states, provinces, or territories listed on the worksheets. In general the suffix letter is the first letter after the last number in a callsign (in the spirit of the Bingo and WOTMC endorsements).

The endorsement checker will handle all callsigns automatically; You may also email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (or the reflector) for clarification on any non-standard callsigns.


3. A callsign may be used once per WTW endorsement.
    A QSO can be used for only one WTW endorsement.

4. Logs MUST be submitted online via the KJ4IZW Award Checking website at 
   Any questions/issues with the online submissions, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Please see the WTW FAQ for additional information.



Work The World (WTW) 

Award Series


The Work The World (WTW) Award Series offers Members of the PODXS Ø7Ø Club the ultimate in PSK31 operating awards.

By making on-the-air PSK31 QSOs and "spelling" out various Country Names, States, Provinces and Territories, our Members can work through 9 different awards to be proudly displayed.


How to Donate to the PODXS Ø7Ø Club

The PODXS Ø7Ø Club is a totally free PSK31 Club. The operation of the Club is funded solely by the Club Members and their generous donations.

All of the various Club expenses (domain registration, web hosting, paper, card stock, toner, envelopes, certificates, endorsement stickers, trophies, etc.) add up to a considerable amount of money.

There are many different levels of activity within the Ø7Ø Club. Some members are really active and enjoy just about everything we have to offer. Some are contesters and just like to play in the contests. Still others like to chase after the endorsements and operating awards. And then there are those who join just for the wallpaper.

Everything we offer is free to our members.

If you like what we are doing, please consider giving us a vote of confidence by sending in a contribution. We appreciate your generosity!



***** Notice!  Paypal has arbitrarily suspended our account from accepting donations, and will not provide a reason.  All club funds are now being held for 180 Days by Paypal in case anyone disputes any donations, and until these funds are released in September, we have no funds available.  Until further notice, and until we can find another online resource for accepting donations all donations will have to be processed by mail.   US Funds only, please.  Other funding sites require a 501.c.3 registration, and to get that, we have to use our funds for charitable purposes, which we do not.

Until Paypal is resolved, or another method of donating is in place, please send

donations via snail mail (make checks payable) to:

Jim Innis

1005 Kent Drive

Gainesville, TX 76240

Please include your name, callsign and Ø7Ø number with all contributions so that we may give you proper credit for your generosity!

If you have any questions, please email us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Many thanks!