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Saint Patrick's Day is celebrated internationally on 17 March. Named after, um, Saint Patrick, one of the most commonly recognized patron saints of Ireland and originating as a religious holiday, it has gradually become more of a celebration of Ireland and Ireland's culture. Now the  Ø7Ø Club brings you an international 24 hour St. Patrick's Day on-the-air party that is now open to all PSK-31 operators!



QRP (max power 5 watts output)

Low Power (max power 25 watts output)

Medium Power (max power 50 watts output)

High Power (max power 100 watts output) (use 100 watts on 40m & lower only, and 50 watts maximum on 20m and up)



3rd Saturday in March: 0000-2359 UTC




State/province/country (SPC). Call "CQ St. Pat's Contest".




160 thru 6 meters, no WARC bands. Work each station once/band.

All contacts must be 2-way PSK31.

No repeater, cross-mode or cross-band contacts allowed.



Use no more than the stated maximum for your entry category. Please keep your power output set to a reasonable level to avoid QRMing others. Use the MINIMUM power necessary to make the contact at all times!



 QSO points - Each contact counts one (1) QSO point, dupes count (0) points.

Multipliers - Each different state/province/country (SPC) worked. Use current ARRL DXCC list for country reference.

Final Score = (Total QSO Points) x (Total Different SPC's).


Scoring Notes:

SPC Definition: S = U.S. States, P = Canadian Provinces, C = DXCC Countries

First U.S. station worked counts as two (2) multipliers (country and state).

First VE station worked counts as two (2) multipliers (country and province).

First Alaska station worked counts as two (2) multipliers (country and state).

First Hawaii station worked counts as two (2) multipliers (country and state).

Washington, DC counts as Maryland (MD).


Bonus Points:



How about a challenge within the contest?

In the same spirit of the Work The World Award Series, using the FIRST LETTER of the suffixes of the stations you work during the contest, spell out the phrase:  ErinGoBragh for Bonus Points as follows:

Spell "Erin" and claim 100 Bonus Points.

Spell "Go" and claim 100 Bonus Points.
Spell "Bragh" and claim 100 Bonus Points.
Spell the entire "Erin Go Bragh" and claim an additional 200 points for a total of 500 Bonus Points.

Note: a single callsign can only be used once per band. Same station diffenent band is NOT a dupe.

You need 11 qualified QSOs for the full credit of 500 Bonus Points.

Only the first letter of the suffix counts towards the spelling of the words.




Place certificates will be sent for each category. Highest Ø7Ø Club member score gets Top Dawg and a Rollo Dog Tag!

All Ø7Ø Club member entries received will automatically qualify for an endorsement sticker.



Logfile format: ADIF (why adif?). Please submit logs via the St Patrick's Uploader. (will be activated when contest starts).

All entries must be received by One (1) week after the St. Patrick's Contest.

Entries with excessive dupes will be listed as check logs. All entries are subject to verification.


The 070 Club reserves the right to disqualify entries deemed not in accordance with the above rules or are contrary to the spirit of this event.


If you have questions, please contact our contest support staff: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.