The Loyal Order of Narrow-Banded Phaseshifters (LONP)

Purpose - With membership in the Ø7Ø Club over 2,650 members strong, this award encourages members to work each other using PSK31. Contacts with non-members do not count for this award.

Valid QSO - A valid QSO is one made via PSK31 mode on the HF bands between two Ø7Ø Club members, both of whom meet the criteria for membership in the PODXS Ø7Ø Club at the time the QSO was made (see membership criteria below).

Bands - All HF bands are allowed, 16ØM thru 6M, including WARC bands. All contacts must be 2-way PSK31. No non-PSK31, repeater, cross-mode or cross-band contacts are allowed.

Membership Criteria - Membership in the PODXS Ø7Ø Club is determined by the date of issue of the Ø7Ø Club membership certificate. For this award, one's membership in the Ø7Ø Club shall be considered to begin at ØØØØZ on the date of issue as noted on his/her Ø7Ø Club membership certificate.

LONP List - The reference database for LONP is the current LONP List of members showing their membership dates and any callsign history. A copy of this reference is available on this web site. Updates to this reference list shall be made periodically to reflect changes in the Ø7Ø Club membership, including changes in members' callsigns. This list shall be the final and determining reference for this award.

Operator-based Award - This is an operator-based award program and as such, places no restrictions on the participants' respective geographic locations at the time of the QSOs. QSOs made while portable or mobile  are all valid for LONP. 

Lifetime QSO points - A PSK31 QSO with another Ø7Ø Club member counts once for 1 Lifetime QSO point. Additional QSOs with the same member are not valid for application for the LONP Award or endorsements. 

A LONP Candidate certificate, suitable for framing, is included with New Member mailing.  The basic LONP Membership is awarded for a total of 1ØØ Lifetime QSO points.  When you achieve membership, a triangular Official Evidence Decal is sent in the next regular mailing.  It is to be affixed to the Certificate, covering the LONP Candidate status and certifying your LONP Membership.  Endorsement stickers for LONP Levels are awarded for each 5Ø additional Lifetime QSO points.

The online endorsement checker (HERE)will automatically apply all callsign/member-dates/member-number logic to your log.

To check you progress on LONP awards, go to the LONP sub-page on the endorsement checker.

When you achieve membership or a new level, remember to check the award and hit the “submit” button!


Stickers are included in the regular awards mailings.


Any questions can be directed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.