Endorsements Available for Ø7Ø Club Members


The Ø7Ø Club offers special endorsements to acknowledge the achievements of the active PSKer and to spiff up that membership certificate as well. See below for general guidelines and instructions on how to get these nifty add-ons.


KJ4IZW's Ø7Ø Award Checker Program


General Guidlines for Ø7Ø Club Endorsements

  • 1. All endorsements are free and offered to Ø7Ø Club members only.
  • 2. Unless otherwise noted, all contacts must have been made after 1 June 2ØØØ using PSK31 mode on the HF bands (16ØM thru 6M).
  • 3. Unless otherwise noted, membership in the Ø7Ø Club at the time the contacts were made is not required.
  • 4. Unless otherwise noted, all endorsements have no expiration date.
  • 5. Please use the Online Endorsement Checker! This will process your ADIF log file, applying the rules for all of our endorsements and awards. After that, it will automatically submit any new qualifying items to the approval queue!!!  You'll then see your newly approved awards the next time that you upload!
If you have questions or issues, email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.