2020 August PSK Expedition





To encourage PSK31 operations in the field and to research and gain practical experience in the portable capabilities of the PSK31 mode, the PODXS 070 Club offers to the members the August PSK31 Expedition (APE) Award. The APE Award is offered to any 070 Club member who during the month of August, organizes, sets up, and operates a portable PSK31 expedition which meets all Award requirements.


In order to participate you will submit your planned operations to the APE Manager. The PODXS 070 members will then seek out and make contacts during the planned operations, SPOTS will be made, and then you can also submit a summary of your APE for others to read about.  


Is this the year for your APE?  Due to the corona virus shut down preventing many outdoor activities, are you ready to get out and play radio away from home?  This is your chance to explore a new park, forest, shore or campground.  Or just going to a county park and setting up on a picnic table for an afternoon.  You can also visit a new grid square and help activate it for others while getting credit for working it for yourself also.  See “Grid Credit While Operating Away From Home” in the files section at 070Clubgroups.io for the details on submitting your log.


Reports of past APE’s are now posted on the PODSX070 website under Tall Tales.  Read some of these stories and get ideas about doing your own expedition this year.  I’m looking forward to hearing your plans. And available to help with operating tips. Personally, my planned APE to Newfoundland for 2020 has been postponed until next year.  Look for my plan for a regional APE to a mountain not too far away soon.

Dave Hardy




Questions or Comments? Please email the APE Manager at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.