The Ø7Ø Club High Band (10m, 6m, & 2m) Challenge


Purpose: To work as many Ø7Ø Club members as possible in the allotted time using PSK31 on 2m, 6m & 10m. All Ø7Ø Club members work each other. Non-members are welcome! Please transmit "0000" for your member number if you are a non-member. Please consider joining our club as well!

Date: Begins 3rd Saturday of June at 1400UTC

Categories: "6 hour block" or "24 hour run" - that's right, you can PICK how long your contest will be! You will be competing against others in your same "timeslot" category.  You may operate between 6 and 24 hours and select your best 6 hour run as well.

For scoring, your six hour block will begin with the hour that you select on the scorer page and continue for the next 6 hours, unless you decide to operate the full contest and submit a 24 hour log.

Exchange: Callsign, your first name and your Ø7Ø Club number. Use the member number from your Ø7Ø Club member certificate. (Exchange example: K8TOM de AK4MK Matt 1708 kn). Call "CQ Ø7Ø VHF Contest".

Bands: 10 meters, 6 meters and 2 meters only. REPEATER CONTACTS DO NOT COUNT!

Contacts: Work each station once per band. All contacts must be 2-way PSK31. No repeater, cross-mode or cross-band contacts. Each contact with an Ø7Ø member counts two (2) QSO Point per band. Each contact with a non-member counts one (1) QSO Point per band. Working a call on all three bands nets you a twenty (20) point bonus. Working a call on two bands earns a ten (10) point bonus. Any 2m contact nets you a five (5) point bonus. Dupes (on a given band) count zero (0) points.

Please take a moment to drop out of contest mode and invite any non-members to join the club if they come back to your CQ! 

Non-Members may sign up and receive a member number during the contest and play along with the rest of us for the duration of the contest!

Final Score: 

1 pt per non-member 2M

1 pt per non-member 6M

1 pt per non-member 10M

2 pts per member 2M

2 pts per member 6M

2 pts per member 10M
20 bonus pts per 3-band call
10 bonus pts per 2-band call
5 bonus pts per 2-meter call
total = qpts + bonus 


Club Entries:

1. The club itself must be an Ø7Ø member.

2. Multiple operators are allowed. Operators need to be club members as well.

3. Only one single transmitter/one signal on the air at a time.

4. A station can not be operated simultaneously under multiple callsigns, e.g. a club call and an individual call.

5. A station can alternate operation under multiple callsigns (e.g. a club call and an individual call) as long as callsign switches occur no more frequently than once every two hours. In other words, once a station is used under one callsign, it can not be used under another callsign for TDW contacts until at least two hours have passed.

6. Rule 5 does not apply to individuals' use of family stations, where multiple individual licensees share a station at a commonly-licensed address.

Awards: Top scores from AS, EU, AF, NA, CA, SA, OC, and Club will receive a certificate and a special endorsement for their Ø7Ø Club Membership certificate. The TOP DAWG of the contest will receive a special certificate and a Rollo Dog Tag.

Entries: Our standard contest scorer -

All entries must be received within 1 week after the contest

Notes: Propagation can vary wildly throughout the day, so keep on trying just a bit later if it seems dead at the moment!

Power: Use no more than 50w throughout the contest. Please keep your power output set to a reasonable level to avoid QRMing others. Use the MINIMUM power necessary to make the contact at all times! 


Brag Files: Calling "CQ 070 VHF Contest" means you are in a contest mode, so please don't send those brag files or other extraneous information. If you want to ragchew, send a general CQ instead.

Macros: Take advantage of your Macro keys. Set one up with your exchange. Remember to make your contacts short on these bands as the propagation can come and go at any moment!

Questions? Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Problems with the contest scorer? Contact cThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.