2022 August PSK Expedition



 To encourage PSK31 operations in the field and to research and gain practical experience in the portable capabilities of the PSK31 mode, the PODXS 070 Club offers to the members the August PSK31 Expedition (APE) Award. The APE Award is offered to any 070 Club member who during the month of August, organizes, sets up, and operates a portable PSK31 expedition which meets all Award requirements.   Note that a successful APE expedition makes 20 contacts and earns a certificate of achievement.  Working a shrewdness of APE’s earns an Attaboy.   You may earn the sticker by working the same station on different bands and on different days for 5 credits or more.

To participate, submit your planned operations to the APE Manager This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. no later than two weeks prior to your planned APE. See details on the PODXS070.com website on the APE Requirements   link.  Last minute expeditions can be accommodated but may not be advertised as well as planned ones. 

The planned APE’s for this year are:

August 4-7 K9VIC operating as N9ANA #488 from  Yellowstone Lake State Park, WI gridsquare EN52as and  POTA K-4347

August 6 AG7CC Cliff from Dworshak State Park, Idaho Gridsquare DN16un.  He will be operating multibands starting late morning from POTA K-2232.

08 August WA1LAD Gil #2923 will be in George Washington Memorial State Forest, POTA K-5484, in West Gloucester, RI....Grid FN41. “I will be running a Yaesu FT991, dipole and a windows 7 laptop using FLDigi. There are VERY few places far enough from my home QTH that meets the APE requirements in RI, but this does. I also have access to a large area not usually open to the public. My son is the park ranger there and provided access to that area. Operation will be between 1400-1900 UTC on 10-40M.  Please spot me if you hear or work me. Will primarily focus on PSK but will do SSB or CW if requested. I get a lot of requests for different bands/modes from "rare" RI.”

13 August KB3RAN Dave #1692 will be operating from King’s Landing Park in Huntingtown MD gridsquare FM18pp as part of Calvert County Amateur Radio Club for MD QSO Party using K3CAL.   Other stations will be on the air on SSB and CW but Dave will be the only station on PSK.  The op will run from 10 AM EDT to Midnight EDT.  Dave will be on as long at bands hold up.  Look on 20 and 40 meters.

August 15-21 KJ7MEB. #2774 Elizabeth from Olympic National Park WA Gridsquare CN87et or thereabouts and POTA K-0056. She’s requesting spots on POTA.app and will not have phone or internet service. She’ll be using QRPworks SideKar without a waterfall display so transmit back on her call frequency.

August 19-21 KC9UR Bob (with W9SMR Stan) will be doing their 10th anniversary KC9UR APE from Trine State Recreation Area, IN, Grid square EN71mr and POTA K-4182. 80 meters to 6 meters. APE Hunter Certificate for working them on 3 bands.

Dave Hardy APE Manager




Questions or Comments? Please email the APE Manager at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.